How To Overcome Face Shield Production Problems Like a Pro

In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, Waltonen Engineering is manufacturing face shields for hospital workers. Watch Dan Turk, a Certified NX Professional Elite 100 User and SolidEdge Expert, demonstrate how to manufacture a face shield while overcoming material shortages to keep first responders safe!

Why Do We Need Face Shields?

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, hospitals are in dire need PPE or personal protective equipment [i.e., face masks, face shields, ventilators, etc.] Face masks and protective eyewear play huge roles in keeping our first responders safe from the spread of COVID-19. However, there are face mask shortages across the nation due to interruptions in the supply chain and the spike public demand when the news of coronavirus became prominent. Although face masks are still needed by numerous hospitals, face shields are greatly reducing the demand for face masks.

So, Waltonen Engineering, Independence Tooling, and Geometric Solutions decided to join the efforts!

Face masks, typically made with cloth, have been shown to be less effective than medical-grade face masks. As these masks need to be manufactured and cannot be sewn through public efforts, face shields are a better solution. Face shields cover more of the face than masks, prevent wearers from touching their face, and are durable, reusable alternatives.

Watch now to learn more!